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Review: First Ever Mazda CX-60

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Review: First Ever Mazda CX-60

The release of the first-ever Mazda CX-60 SUV alongside the all-new CX-90 represents somewhat of a mild evolution for Mazda as the brand stretches even further into the luxury space than ever before.

Recently, we had the pleasure of spending the weekend with the Plug-in Hybrid EV (PHEV) version of the CX-60 in the top-of-the-range Azami trim where we had the opportunity to experience these new premium levels of luxury from Mazda.

Initial Impressions

Mazda has always maintained a slight edge over its competitors in terms of aesthetically pleasing design and the CX-60 is no different. The new SUV maintains the key styling elements that make it recognisably Mazda, yet feature subtle updates that reflect the new premium era. Prominent details such as the sleeker roofline, sharper angles surrounding the grille, and a slightly beefier lower front bumper give it a bold presence on the road. Alongside this, the piercing headlights, extra dash of chrome elements and large brushed steel wheels exhibit the luxury edge that Mazda is aiming to reflect in the exterior.

Stepping inside, the CX-60 continues to exhibit a premium quality, however, it may stray from your traditional notions of luxury borne from European brands where everything is wrapped in leather and woodgrain. The cabin captures a significant amount of light creating a fresh, open space for occupants. The range-topping Azami trim that we experienced also included the Takumi Pack interior featuring white Nappa leather and a unique woven textile dash that boosts the lightness of the space even more.


The fuel economy of the PHEV is listed at a phenomenal 2.1-litre per 100 kilometres and will travel on pure electric power for a solid 76 kilometres which will easily cover most owners' daily commutes.

Mazda wants the driving experience to be ideal for every driver, which is why they've introduced cutting-edge technology powered by facial recognition to set the perfect seating position in the Azami trim. You can start by inputting your height which the technology uses to adjust seat, steering wheel, mirror and heads-up display positions to deliver the optimum seating position and eyeline. This is great for families who share the driving load as the CX-60 will remember up to six drivers so there'll be no more arguments about messing with someone's seating position - just let the CX-60 recognise who's in the driver's seat.

We also can't go on without mentioning the array of cameras that provide an all-around view of the vehicle for easy maneuverability in tight or hard-to-judge spaces. If you opt for the top-of-the-range Azami, your 360-degree camera will feature the nifty see-through feature that provides a vantage point that looks "through" the bumpers. We found this surprisingly handy as the field of view in some of these front and rear cameras distort the view and distances aren't as apparent.


To maintain the premium label, Mazda has ensured that a vast range of features are available as standard across the whole range. This means the base model includes some fantastic features such as wireless phone charging, wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, USB charging points in both the front and rear, and a neat heads-up display. On top of this, the CX-60 features a raft of advanced safety tech including adaptive cruise control, blindspot monitoring with vehicle exit warning, driver attention alert, dynamic stability control, electronic brake-force distribution, emergency brake assist, and emergency lane-keeping among various others.

The safety doesn't end there as Mazda aims to keep the whole family safe with a complete array of airbags standard across all trims. Other family-focused features that stood out to us included the 40-20-40 split-fold rear seats and the extra wide-opening rear doors. And don't forget the powered tailgate that can be operated via the key fob.

Our favourite feature of the PHEV would have to be the two 1,500W AC power outlets - one at the base of the centre console facing the rear seats, and the other in the boot. These will take your common three-pronged power plug meaning you power many of your regular household appliances off the power in your PHEV's battery. No more worrying about if you have the correct cable adaptor - just plug in the standard plug and power your laptop, hair straightener, coffee machine, or anything other item you'd like to take on the road.


Due to the number of trims and powerplant options, the CX-60 is available across a wide range of price points. The most affordable option is the base model petrol-powered model - the G40E Evolve Mild Hybrid - which can be yours at a cool $64,825 driveaway. A diesel-powered CX-60 can be yours for just $66,895, while the PHEV starts at $76,468 driveaway.

If you were to go all out and pick up something like the model we reviewed - a top-of-the-range Azami in the PHEV option with Machine Grey Metallic paint and the optional Takumi interior pack - you'd pay up to $93,312 driveaway.

As with any Mazda, the new CX-60 comes with a five-year unlimited-kilometre warranty as well as the option to finance through Mazda Assured - the brand's flexible guaranteed future value offering.

On top of the nine different engine and trim options, Mazda offers a substantial range of accessories letting you personalise your CX-60 to your exact liking. On top of interior packs like the Takumi and SP Packs, there's also the Luxury Pack and Vision Technology Packs if you wish to give your lower-end CX-60 an extra boost of tech or spice up the exterior with a splash of metallic paint or one of the sleek wheel options.


Overall, the Mazda CX-60 represents a thoughtful and focused push into the luxury space that is evident through first looks. We love how Mazda has managed to design the CX-60 that maintains the design language apparent across all their current models while adapting it just enough that it exudes a premium quality.

It's not an easy task to build a completely new car and have it fill its target segment successfully, and it's even harder to do it when your brand seemingly already has quite the range of SUVs on offer. However, Mazda seems to have done an exceptional job here with the CX-60, maintaining enough of what people love about Mazda vehicles while differentiating it enough to fulfil a segment of the market that's just a touch more elegant than their usual offering.

Get in touch with the team at Browns Plains Mazda today to find out which CX-60 is the perfect choice for you. Speak to one of our sales consultants, book a test drive, or place your order today.

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